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InGreenPeace has many different forms.


This is a show case of different ideas and communities around the world.


A way to live, literally inside the greener peace of life.

InGreenpeace.com is about finding what brings us to that point and running with it!

Surfing, yoga, eating right, being aware, being conscious.... these are all small ways to bring you closer to what is essentially important in this life.




Have you considered taking your summer vacation to the tropical location of Oaxaca, Mexico while learning how to get in touch with your true self and having the experience of nature surrounding you from each and every angle? Surfing the blue waves of the pacific with the enchanting rocks and mountains at an instant view? Have you considered tapping into the understanding of your body & mind through the types of food you are consuming while on vacation? Yes... Yes... and YES! Ok, click on the flyer above for the adventure to begin.




Above is one of our clients from this past December! He successfully caught a ton of waves on his first surf trip. He had been learning how to surf in Texas and proved his knowledge in the waves of Mexico. This client is in his 60's and loved the experience! We are proud!


THAT'S what InGreenPeace is about! If you are interested in going on your own trip, we do offer trips between the months of June-August. If you are requiring sooner, it can be worked out!


Below is more information in regards to those summer adventures!


InGreenPeace is offering Yoga & Surf Adventures in Huatulco, Mexico.


For those who visit for the first time to this heavenly place, the beauty of Huatulco lies in its harmony with the nature, the cleanliness, and the commitment of a tourist destination concerned with the care of the environment, resulting in attaining the Green Globe International Certification!



:Disclaimer: GreenPeace.org is a nonprofit organization. InGreenPeace is not affiliated with this organization. As we are green and eco friendly some content is different..


InGreenPeace wants you to be Green!

One step at a time...


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Eat Local Produce


It is the smart way to live!

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